Parazitii o dau asa. Reporting in, Captain!

And how nice it is on the street, the man is fragile like the lady.

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If the war starts, are we gonna defend our country with Solcanu and Zara? Don't you see that Mega Image has invaded parazitii o dau asa and the local grocery store is gone?

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We are all right, Captain, considering though That we're foolishly playing with fire here near the Russians. The majority of women are beautiful and dumb, But we like them that way, so we don't have a problem with that, bro!

The trees took steps, left the borders, The whores from the parliament are making money, hospitals are falling on us.

Well, Captain, it looks like we're back to square one Now that the government is corrupt and the president is mute. Teenage girls are making money without getting out of bed, They work often with dick or Whether it's good or bad, we don't know, but we're still pedalling. I kissed you on the wallet, ending transmission, Captain!

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Happiness is in crutches, blowing all of us, Safety and trust are knocking at our gates. Here, behind closed doors, lots are drawn, The fun starts when you can't stand yourself anymore.

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We fell on our asses, and we want to hear something. His head hurts, he feels sick. It seems he likes this song.

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We have to be careful with alcohol. You haven't renounced, have you? They're very small, done.

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Oh, I parazitii o dau asa expect something like that! Too many people who are all talk condiloame genitale barbati action! Too bad you can't use dynamite here. Reference to the missile defense system at Deveselu, Olt County, Romania.

Dau Așa Audio Features

The entire song is actually full of hidden or not-so-hidden references to various aspects of contemporary Romanian society. Witty language here.

parazitii o dau asa ce cauzează condiloamele și cum se tratează

The beltway or ring road is the usual place where prostitutes are hitchhiking in search of costumers. This verse, along with a previous one, hints that the "troops" are made of strippers and prostitutes.

parazitii o dau asa papiloame datorate viermilor

Reference to the "Safety and Trust" slogan of the Romanian Police. Not clear whether he says "You wouldn't renounce, would you? In Romanian, the difference between them is one extra letter. This line is indistinct, so I'm basically trying to guess what the man says